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Meera, Meera - May Be The Fairest Of Them Yet!

Been driving past this restaurant for a few weeks and everytime thinking whether we should give it a try. Could have gone there a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get around to it.

In fact, I met one of the Salespersons at PC World at Staples Corner and somewhere along the line we established that we both...

Time Out says

The station approach road in suburban Queensbury is home to a few Indian stores, sweet shops and restaurants - most notably Meera's Village, which stands out for its kitsch interior. Painted with gaudy murals showing Gujarati village life, and with staff wearing traditional dress, Meera's might seem like a terrible...

Meera’s Village: Vegetarian Thalis for All

I bet if I compared the amount of Indian restaurants I’ve frequented to the amount of other restaurants I’ve visited during my time in London, the ratio would be pretty skewed. In other words, I seem to eat a lot of Indian food. But why shouldn’t I?

This latest Indian food adventure was to Meera’s Village, a...

Meera Village, Queensbury HA7

This recently-opened restaurant is the sister of its smaller Meera Express chains, with the company known predominantly for its wedding catering business. Situated in Queensbury Circle Parade, it features Gujarati vegetarian cuisine served in a setting designed to invoke memories of village life in rural India with...

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